Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Best Sandwich on Earth

I know, I know. You're asking, "Really Rachel?! The best sandwich on EARTH?!" And my answer to you is 100%, without a doubt, there is no better sandwich in existence than the Broccoli Sub from No. 7 Sub in the Ace Hotel in New York City. This sandwich may sound familiar to fans of The Fabulous Foodie, because I wrote about it just about a year ago. In that post, I said "My broccoli sandwich was nothing short of remarkable." I've been eating this sandwich a lot lately, and it is just so good that it needs another post dedicated to it. Sorry I'm not sorry.

This is a sandwich so incredible, so perfectly perfect, that I can't wipe the smile off my face for hours after eating it. In fact, sometimes I'm smiling while I'm actually eating it, which gets awkward because little bits of roasted broccoli fall out of my mouth back onto my plate. But you better believe, I scoop them back up and eat them again because there is no chance I'm wasting a single morsel.

On the days when I get lazy and order it for delivery (it's only 2 blocks from my apartment, don't judge) and my doorbell rings, I scream "YES!!!!!!!!!!!" loud enough for the entire building to hear, and then the delivery man is looking at me like I'm crazy. And maybe I am crazy. Crazy for Roasted Broccoli.

Let's be honest, I'm drooling right this very second looking at this photo...

$9 will get you the Roasted Broccoli Sub with Lychee Muchim (I honestly don't even know what Muchim is.. anyone?), Ricotta Salata (a pure white cheese with a dense but slightly spongy texture and a salty, milky flavor -- like a dry Italian feta) and Pine Nuts. It will be served on the yummiest, crunchiest, most wonderful loaf of bread you have ever treated your taste buds to. The bread will flake apart as you eat it, the broccoli will nearly melt in your mouth, the lychee muchim will be tangy, the ricotta salata will be creamy and the pine nuts will add the perfect balanced crunch to your meal that you won't even know what hit you.

If I could marry a sandwich, this would be it folks. And I don't even think Patrick would blame me for a second, as he is also a huge No. 7 Sub fan. He prefers the non-vegetarian sammies, but all the more power to him, more broccoli for me!

I'm kind of sad that today is Sunday, the one day No. 7 Subs is closed, and I can't walk myself over there right now for this little taste of heaven. But let's be honest, I'm too lazy for that, I'd definitely order it for delivery!

Let's Eat!
-The Fabulous Foodie

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  1. This sounds amazing! I want to eat it right now. Do you if it's sold anywhere in LA? If not, I'll just have to wait until the next time I'm in New York. :)