Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cheap Eats: Cherin Sushi

One of my favorite things in NYC dining is the concept of BYOB. There aren't a ton, but my girlfriends and I have managed to find most of them. One of our favorites is Cherin Sushi in the East Village on 6th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenues. Cherin is incredibly cheap (we're talking $3.25 for a Tuna Avocado roll), delicious and a fun place to dine with friends.
(The funny thing about this picture, which I got courtesy of, is that the picture of the girls sitting at the table is actually of some of the friends I went to Cherin with this time! Too funny.)

A few nights ago we made a reservation for 8 to have a girls night at Cherin. We had to wait a few extra minutes for our table, but nothing too crazy. Cherin is a tiny restaurant, and there is almost always a line for tables, so we didn't mind. Once the 8 of us finally sat, we started opening the bottles of wine we had brought and chatting away as girls usually do.

When it came time to order, I decided on Miso Soup, Garden Salad, Ashlee Roll (tuna & avocado), Shrimp Tempura Roll & Tricia Roll (tuna & yellowtail on top of avocado & crunch). Most of the other girls got a similar amount of food, and before we could say "BYOB" our food was in front of us.The sushi at Cherin is always fresh and delicious, and the rolls are a good size. I wasn't even able to finish all the rolls I had ordered, and I have a very large appetite!

Everyone enjoyed their food and when the bill came, the total per person was $16 without tip, which is an amazing price for a sushi feast. We each paid $20, and left the restaurant full & happy. Cherin continues to be a reliable spot for cheap, delicious sushi, but be sure to either arrive early or make a reservation if you want to get a table.

What are your favorite BYOB spots in NYC? I also love 11B Italian Food in the East Village and Eatpisode/Hi-Thai Thai Food in LES. Let me know, I'm always looking for new, great BYOB places.

Let's Eat!
-The Fabulous Foodie


  1. That's great to know about! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hey!
    One of my fav BYOBs is Kuma Inn. It is on Ludlow Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey). You have to try the pork buns (they will make them even if they aren't on the menu). A great hole in the wall!!

  3. Also Fu Sushi which is right around the corner from 11B!