Monday, March 14, 2011

Burgers at Wall Street Burger Shoppe

There are few things as satisfying as biting into a good, juicy burger. When two of my fellow food-loving buddies, Rev. Dave Ciancio (aka Burger Conquest) and Lea from Bizzy asked me to join them for a burger lunch at Wall Street Burger Shoppe down in FiDi, I couldn't resist! I met them on a dreary, rainy day, but as soon as I smelled the aroma of burgers the weather outside no longer mattered. I walked up the stairs and joined Rev & Lea at a high-top table as my stomach growled in anticipation.

I knew Lea, the Queen of Mac & Cheese was planning to order the Mac 'N Cheese burger (Char-grilled 8oz blend of Hereford beef, macaroni and four cheeses [Gruyere, American, Pecorino and Cheddar]), but given my lactose-intolerant stomach I had to stay away from it. Rev also wanted to try it, so I felt a bit of burger envy as I ordered my Becky Burger (Char-grilled 4oz Hereford beef burger with aged cheddar, sliced pickles, tomato and ketchup) with Avocado and a side of onion rings. I should have realized my burger was only 4 oz. while all the others were 8 oz, but I was so hungry I didn't notice. Rev ordered the Porterhouse Burger (Char-grilled 6oz blend of Porterhouse tail and chuck burger with lettuce, tomato and steak sauce) in addition to the Mac 'N Cheese burger for a taste test. Trust me, this guy knows his burgers.

We ordered a round of drinks (beers for me & Rev, Guinness Milkshake for Lea) and waited for our burgers to arrive. Lea and I both checked in on Foursquare because the special was a free side of fries or onion rings. When our order got to the table, I was immediately filled with envy because my burger was about 1/2 the size of the other 3 on the tray. The waiter put the food on the table and although my burger was tiny, it still looked solid.
This is when I realized that the waiter had never asked me how I wanted my burger cooked (I like red meat "bloody as hell") and I cut into the meat to disappointingly realize it was cooked well-done. My own fault for not specifying. I covered the burger in ketchup and went in for the kill. Flavorful, even though it wasn't cooked to my preference, it was still a good burger. But my eyes filled with longing as I watched Lea & Rev chow down on the Mac 'N Cheese burgers, they looked amazing. Lea was kind enough to offer me a bite, and it was GOOD. I cursed my stomach for its inability to handle butter and polished off my meal. While I wasn't thrilled with my order, Wall Street Burger Shoppe definitely cranks out some good burgers. Next time I'm ordering the Mac 'N Cheese burger and I'll handle the stomachache!

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Also be sure to check out all the great food writing Lea & Rev have to offer, they're good foodie friends of mine and really know their stuff!

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Let's Eat!
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