Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Bone Marrow Piece on Wild Table

The food writer community in New York City is massive, I'm constantly meeting more and more people all the time. Attending the IACP Regional Conference back in February introduced me to a lot of food writers, like Andrea Strong, and another that I haven't yet introduced you to: Warren Bobrow.

Warren told a compelling story. Sick of the grind working for the man, he quit his job to become a food writer. And did he ever! Warren is now a successful writer for Wild River Review, contributing to the Wild Table portion of the site. A few weeks ago, Warren asked me to write an article on an ingredient and a chef that cooks said ingredient beautifully. After getting over the initial excitement at the opportunity, I decided to write about Bone Marrow. What an ingredient it is!

To read my piece, which also features my photography, please visit Wild Table > Bone Marrow.

I'll share my photos here with you as well, I think they came out pretty great!
Roasted Bone Marrow at Minetta Tavern (you've already seen this one):
Onion & Bone Marrow Soup at The Breslin:
And Again:
Roasted Bone Marrow at Beauty & Essex:
Thanks a million to Warren Bobrow for the opportunity. I've been lucky enough to meet some incredible people in this industry and I'm always in such awe of their kindness and talent.

Let's Eat!
-The Fabulous Foodie

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